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Control Your Mind Without Help From Derren Brown

“One’s Greatest Challenge Is To Control Oneself!” Click To Tweet Derren Brown left viewers bewildered and confused in his “Mind Control” series on television in early 2000…millions of viewers shouting out in delight and amazement at their TV screens: “How the hell did he do that?” Derren then ramped it up a notch or 6… Read More »

Create And Host Your First Google Hangout – Google+ Overview[Part 4]

Google Hangout – Passing Trend Or Trend-Setter? Personally, thoughts are Google hangouts are starting to become very popular. They’re promptly coming to be the hot brand-new method to communicate with a closed group, stream to a wide audiences, share data in real time, brainstorm as a team and educational mini workshops; or merely … hangout… Read More »

Google Hangout On Air Audio Settings – How To Setup

As one of our expert business panelists there are certain audio settings you must be mindful of and are set up correctly. Please watch the video below where a walk through is done of the Google hangout On Air Audio settings.   If you have any questions please add it in the comment box provided… Read More »

Getting People To Your G+ Hangout – Google Plus Overview [Part 3]

G+ Hangout and the importance of a targeted audience While it’s true that presently you could just welcome ten people to get involved in your real Hangout, making use of Hangouts on Air and streaming it, live, by means of Google+ and YouTube implies that endless lots of individuals could rest in and see your… Read More »